‘War of the Worlds’ TV Series in Development from ‘Teen Wolf’ Team

     October 13, 2016


It’s looking increasingly unlikely that the trend of not only remaking movies on the big screen but also the small screen will slow down anytime soon. This year saw great movies (The Exorcist) and good movies (Lethal Weapon) alike get malformed and reconfigured into  newfangled entertainments focused either on the grimness of life without God or the importance of family and fraternity over literally everything else. Sure, those are both distinctly awful properties and series like Fargo make the case that such remakes are quite fruitful, but as a trend, the returns on these outings have been largely abysmal.

war-of-the-worlds-posterSo, you must understand the hesitation to embrace a series based on War of the Worlds, the H.G. Wells classic that was adapted by Orson Welles in the most famous radio broadcast ever and, less famously and most recently, by Steven Spielberg as a Tom Cruise vehicle. THR is reporting today that War of the Worlds is being developed as a TV series for MTV, who have been struggling to find a respectable series to serve as their flagship. Right now, that flagship would be Teen Wolf, which has a (ha!) rabid fanbase but rightly took on quite a critical beating over its five seasons thus far. Its sixth season will be its last, leaving the door wide open for something like War of the Worlds, and it should come as little surprise that it’s two of the chief creative voices behind Teen Wolf, Andrew Cochran and Jeff Davis, who will be heading up development of War of the Worlds.

That would mean that the MTV War of the Worlds will put focus on social media and the fight for survival by teenagers most likely, which would be all well and good if the look of MTV’s series wasn’t so often so lacking in anything like personality or charm. That’s been the case with their Scream series and Teen Wolf, for sure, but there’s always hope that MTV and their creative team will learn from the criticisms. Then again, why would they do that if people are still tuning in? So, maybe we’ll be seeing a thoroughly inoffensive yet deeply uninspiring series when War of the Worlds shows up, if it does in fact get ordered to series.