‘Warcraft’ Trailer: Duncan Jones’ Adaptation Brings Blizzard’s Epic Video Game to Life

     November 6, 2015


Universal Pictures and Legendary have released the first trailer for Warcraft. Co-written and directed by Duncan Jones (Moon), the film is an adaptation of the massively popular video game World of Warcraft. The story gives equal weight to both sides of an epic conflict. Orc warriors fleeing their dying home find themselves in Azeroth, a kingdom that’s home to the humans. As the orcs set about colonizing the realm, the humans fight back, and good and evil on both sides wrestle through a conflict that has vital repercussions for everyone involved.

Starring Travis Fimmel as the Alliance’s Anduin Lothar, and Toby Kebbell as Durotan the hero of the Horde, Warcraft opens June 10, 2016 and also stars Paula Patton, Rob Kazinsky,Ben Foster, Daniel Wu, and Clancy Brown.

Watch the first Warcraft trailer below (via Universal):

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Here’s the official synopsis for Warcraft:

The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people and their home.


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