Comic-Con Trailer Description for WARCRAFT; Shooting Begins in Early 2014

     July 20, 2013


About half an hour ago, the audience in Hall H got an unexpected trailer.  In an open, alien-looking desert, a human warrior seemingly stands alone.  He drinks the last water from a skein, and drops it on the ground.  He draws a magnificent sword, and steps forward to examine the bones of a fallen soldier.  He picks up a fancy-looking shield.  He begins circling around, facing off an unseen enemy.  The camera pulls back and reveals…an orc wielding a giant battle axe.  The two continue to circle each other.  Then they charge forward, screaming at each other, and the final shot is the orc leaping in the air, bringing down the axe, and we cut to black.  Then the title comes up: WARCRAFT.  The crowd goes wild.  This is the kind of fun surprise that Comic-Con can provide, and Legendary in particular has become so adept at providing.  Hit the jump for more.

Legendary Pictures Founder and CEO Thomas Tull comes on stage to then introduce director Duncan Jones (Moon).  Jones then comes on stage to share his love for the video game World of Warcraft, and is glad that he played the game before making the movie because if it were the other way around, he would never get around to making the movie because the game is so addictive.  Unfortunately, this was an announcement panel, and the trailer was only a mood piece.  Jones finishes out the announcement by telling the audience that filming will begin in early 2014.


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