WARGAMES Remake to be Written by Arash Amel with Dean Israelite Directing; Ansel Elgort and Tye Sheridan on Shortlist to Lead

     June 24, 2014


We’ve heard bits and pieces about MGM’s planned WarGames remake from producer/hopeful-director Seth Gordon over the last year or so, but today some more solid news came across the wire.  It’s looking as if Gordon won’t be directing the remake of John Badham’s 1983 Oscar-nominated cult classic, since MGM is in negotiations with Dean Israelite to helm the picture.  Also, screenwriter Arash Amel is set to rewrite the script, which was previously drafted by Noah Oppenheim and Zak Penn.  Similar to the original film, the plot is expected to follow a teenage hacker who stumbles into a sensitive computer program.  Stepping into Matthew Broderick’s shoes for the lead may be either Ansel ElgortTye Sheridan, or another unnamed actor.  Hit the jump for more.

wargames-remakeAs The Wrap reports, MGM is in final negotiations with Israelite to head up WarGames.  Israelite will make his feature directorial debut on Project Almanac, which opens January 30, 2015.  While Gordon previously courted the director’s chair, he stepped away from it a few months back when he signed on to direct Sony’s Uncharted adaptation.  Israelite has been the choice to replace him since Gordon’s departure.

The ’83 film found Broderick playing a young man who hacks into a military computer, thinking it’s a virtual reality game, and nearly triggers World War III.  The remake is thought to follow “a teenage hacker who unwittingly sets off a virus bent on destroying the world’s computer systems.”  After breaking onto the scene in The Fault in Our Stars and Mud, Elgort and Sheridan have been on quite a few shortlists.  Elgort will return in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, while Sheridan’s upcoming schedule is rather busier.  He’ll next be seen in Gilles Paquet-Brenner’s Dark Places, opening September 1st.  There’s no word on who might step into Ally Sheedy’s role just yet.

Watch the trailer for the original WarGames below:

Now, how about a nice game of chess?

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