Warner Bros. Picks Up Al Capone Biopic CICERO

     September 14, 2010


Warner Bros. is now developing an Al Capone biopic from veteran film and television writer Walon Green (TV’s Law & Order, The Wild Bunch).  Entitled Cicero, Green’s script documents Capone’s rise from Brooklyn slum native to the head of Chicago’s criminal underground during Prohibition.  The name Cicero refers to the city of Cicero, IL where Capone and his gang enjoyed their headquarters and famously overtook the city government in 1924.

Per Variety, the script is being described as a “throwback to the shoot-’em-up gangster films that Warner released during the 1930s.”  Included in this criterion are classics such as: Little Caesar, The Public Enemy, and Angels with Dirty Faces.  Considering Little Caesar and Angels with Dirty Faces were nominated for a combined four Oscars, one would think that Cicero would do well to be associated with those Warner classics.  As of now, no director is attached to the project.

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