Warner Bros. is Going to Use DC Comics Superheroes to Replace the HARRY POTTER Franchise as Their Tent Pole Releases!

     March 18, 2010

the_flash_comic_book_image__1_.jpgIf you have been wondering where The Flash movie is or when will Warner Bros. make a Wonder Woman movie…I’ve got some awesome news to share.

For a little while I’d been hearing from a few sources that Warner Bros. had a plan for their DC comics library and we’d be hearing about it soon.  After all, they own a tremendous amount of superheroes and they’re doing almost nothing with them.  What I was told was after the Harry Potter franchise ended next year, they’d need a new franchise or franchises for their tent pole releases and the plan was to use their huge vault of DC superheroes as their replacements!  More after the jump:

wonder_woman_alex_ross.jpgAnd at today’s Showest presentation, WB head honcho Alan Horn confirmed the news.  I forget exactly what he said on stage, but it’s essentially what I heard: DC Superheroes are coming and they’d replace Harry Potter.

The thing you need to realize is under Alan Horn, Warner Bros. instituted a tent pole release strategy which calls for a few event films to be made every year.  For the last decade, Harry Potter has been used to fill the release calendar and now that the franchise is ending after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the studio needs  need blood to take it’s place and a new way of earning the huge money that only tent pole releases can generate.

Enter DC Superheroes.

While nothing is officially on the calendar yet, I’ve heard in 2012 we’re getting not only a new Batman movie…but The Flash!  I’ve heard the studio is currently talking to directors and they’ll announce who it is when they’ve found the right choice.

Again, The Flash isn’t confirmed, but I’m telling you, it’s the next new superhero movie at Warner Bros. and we’re going to hear about it soon.

As a comic book movie junkie, I am beyond excited WB is finally getting into the game with their unbelievable library of characters.

The big question is…will Green Lantern do what the first Iron Man movie did and drop a character or two from the DC comics library as a nod to the fans.  I think the studio has watched Marvel with envious eyes and they’re going to emulate what’s been working.  But that’s just my guess.  More as I hear it.

Finally, the WB Showest presentation today rocked the house. More on that soon.


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