Warner Bros. Planning to Make LORD OF THE RINGS Blu-Ray Announcement in a Few Weeks?

     June 24, 2009

lord_of_the_rings_blu_ray_01.jpgSteve just gave me a call from the Warner Bros. “Watchmen” and “300” Blu-Ray event (he says both films look amazing) and he spoke with a source at Warner Bros. who gave him a VERY interesting piece of news:

In a few weeks, Warner Bros. is planning to make an annoucement about their plans for a Blu-Ray release of BOTH the Theatrical and Extended Editions of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.  You may now begin cheering or cursing depending on whether or not you own a Blu-Ray player.

So what’s in a few weeks?  Why the wait?  Why not tell us NOW, dammit?!  Oh wait.  A few weeks.  It’s that Comic-Con?  Hmmm…

How much do you think this will cost?  Are these the films that will finally push you to get a Blu-Ray player?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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