Warner Bros. to Release Films on Premium VOD Service 60 Days after Theatrical Release

     February 2, 2011


Warner Bros. is taking a bold move by announcing that they’ll release their films through a premium video-on-demand (VOD) service only 60 days after the movie first hits theaters.  The typical release window is 90 days although studios have been experimenting to see just how quickly they can turn the film out of theaters and into consumer’s homes.  Time Warner head Jeff Bewkes tells Variety that Warner Bros. will launch their premium VOD service sometime in the second quarter of 2011.  Bewkes didn’t provide any more details on the service.  However, he did say that the company was re-evaluating its 28-day release window on making its movies available to Netflix and Redbox.  It’s possible that Warner Bros. may increase the fees it charges those companies.  Bewkes also didn’t say if this VOD service would support the studio’s 3D movies to 3DTVs.

So how much would you pay to see a movie on-demand only two months after it had hit theaters?  Does it depend on the movie?  Sound off in the comments section.


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