Warner Bros. Takes Their Shot at Adapting the Video Game SPY HUNTER

     March 22, 2010


Warner Bros. will take a crack at developing the classic arcade game Spy Hunter into a movie.  Launched by Midway in 1983, the game is about a spy in a car who shoots guns at spies in other cars.  Warner Bros. acquired Midway last year and Heat Vision Blog reports that Chad St. John to write the script.  St. John is also working on an adaptation of the comic series Sgt. Rock, which is also set up at Warner Bros with Joel Silver producing.

If an adaptation of Spy Hunter sounds familiar, it’s because the movie has been in development hell for years.   The film was originally set up at Universal with John Woo to direct and Dwayne Johnson to star (although he did star in the video game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run, which was intended to be a tie-in to the movie, but ended up as a stand-alone title).  That fell apart because of budgetary reasons, which is absurd because it’s about a guy in a car who shoots at people in other cars.  How many fucking white doves did Woo require?  After that, the project passed on to Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil) but it also stalled.  Anderson got his shooty-car movie when he went on and directed the remake of Death Race.

I know the mythos is layered and complex and it’s not a problem that most people have never heard of the series because guy in car shooting at other guy in car is something that only works if you attach the name Spy Hunter to it.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

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