See How [SPOILER] Transformed into [SPOILER] for that ‘El Camino’ Cameo

     October 21, 2019


Spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie follow below.

If you’re reading this I assume you’ve seen El Camino, the highly anticipated Breaking Bad movie that was shot in total secrecy and premiered on Netflix earlier this month. The film picks up immediately where the Breaking Bad series finale left off, following Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) as he tries to escape Albuquerque.

The movie has a number of surprises up its sleeve, but none bigger than the triumphant return of Bryan Cranston as Walter White—albeit in flashback form. Towards the end of the movie, we get a flashback scene in a diner from the early days of Walt and Jesse’s partnership, marking the first time Cranston has played Walter White since the show’s series finale.


Image via Netflix

But getting Cranston to Albuquerque in secret to shoot the scene was only half the problem. The Emmy-winning actor was in the middle of his Broadway run of Network when El Camino was shooting, so he couldn’t just shave his head like he normally did to play Walt. In a video released by Cranston, we see how the hair and makeup team quickly transformed Cranston into Walter White using a bald cap—although writer/director Vince Gilligan previously revealed that the bald cap made Cranston’s silhouette look “off” due to his hair underneath, so as a result every shot in that diner has a visual effects element in it.

Still, it’s pretty crazy to know that this scene was shot in one-and-a-half days, during Cranston’s one day off from Network. The actor was flown in and out of ABQ via private jet, and flew back to New York the day of his next on-stage performance.

Check out the quick-change in the video below, and for more on El Camino, here’s Gilligan on how the project evolve from a 10-minute short film into a full-length feature.

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