Watch 3 Clips from the Premiere of 30 ROCK

     September 27, 2007

One of the best shows on television that no one is watching would be NBC’s “30 Rock.” Last year when the show premiered all anyone would talk about is how “Studio 60” would kill the show and why would NBC pick up two behind the scenes shows. Well only one survived, and while I dug “Studio 60,” the better show is still on.

Each week on “30 Rock” I laugh more than the other shows combined. And while the season started a bit slow, by the end it was one of my favorite things on TV and a show that absolutely deserved its Emmy Award for best comedy. I strongly encourage you to check it out.

So to help promote the return of “30 Rock” next week on October 4th, NBC has released 3 clips from the premiere and also provided a video interview with guest star Jerry Seinfeld. Everything’s below the synopsis.

The gang at “30 Rock” returns from their summer hiatus. Liz’s (Tina Fey) excitement to be back and see Jack (Alec Baldwin) is quickly squashed when he tells her that despite what she thinks, she is not over Floyd. Jack also tells her about his plan for SeinfeldVision, which entails using NBC-owned footage from Seinfeld’s show and inserting him into NBC’s current shows. Jerry Seinfeld (Guest Star Jerry Seinfeld) shows up at Jack’s office upset about SeinfeldVision. Meanwhile, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) has gained weight over the summer after doing the musical, “Mystic Pizza: The Musical!” and Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) becomes Tracy’s (Tracy Morgan) office wife when Tracy‘s wife kicks him out. Jerry Seinfeld guest stars; Lonny Ross, Judah Friedlander, Scott Adsit, Keith Powell, Katrina Bowden and Maulik Pancholy also star.

Jerry Seinfeld Video Interview

Jenna has gained a lot of weight over the summer, Liz notices [00:41]

Jack tells Jerry that he is incorporating Seinfeld Vision into the network programming [00:43]

Tracy takes Kenneth the page as his office wife [00:25]

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