Watch a Peter Cullen Video Interview for the TRANSFORMERS Video Game

     June 4, 2007

The good folks at Activision have provided me with two video interviews for their upcoming “Transformers” video game. As I’ve said previously, I think this might be the first video game based on a movie that could actually work. The thought of hitting a button and transforming into Optimus Prime or one of the other characters sounds awesome. I’ve been waiting for this game (and movie) since I was a kid and I played with the toys.

So to help promote both the game and the movie, Peter Cullen – the voice of Optimus Prime – recently did an on camera interview and you can watch it below. It’s a short interview but it’s worth watching. He talks about his history with the franchise and he demonstrates how he does the voice.

After that interview you can watch another short video with the makers of the game. They talk about the challenges of bringing it to the game world and it shows more footage from their upcoming release.

The “Transformers” video game is coming for all the systems later this month.

Peter Cullen Video Interview

the game developers video interview

Frank Welker and Peter Cullen – the voices of Megatron and Optimus Prime in the video game

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