Watch Original ‘Watchmen’ Artist Dave Gibbons Draw New HBO Character

     October 16, 2019


Who watches the Watchmen? Too hard, too philosophical. Here’s a much easier question to answer: Who draws the Watchmen? Why, it’s Dave Gibbons, acclaimed comic book artist who teamed up with acclaimed comic book writer/noted grumpus Alan Moore to craft one of our most celebrated, controversial, and influential comics of all time. After Zack Snyder‘s 2009 adaptation drew a wildly mixed reception, Damon Lindelof is taking another crack at a screen version of the mythology. But this time, it’s a sequel series for HBO. With all new characters. And Gibbons took to Watchmen‘s official Twitter to draw one of these Watchmen newbies — Sister Night, aka Detective Angela Abar, played in the show by Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk).

“In the TV series, the one who really speaks to me is Sister Night,” explained Gibbons in the video. “She’s a wonderful character and a great costume. She was the character that I felt most drawn to draw.” And drawn to draw Gibbons is, using a simple black pen to sensitively shade the new addition to the universe he helped create. We totally get why Gibbons would respond to her — she represents a version of order in the universe, fighting against chaos. Gibbons calls out her crucifix and sheriff’s badge, both totems of an attempt to work for good. It’s a sincere joy to watch a transformative artist like Gibbons do his thing — you will feel zen watching his pen slowly cascade across the page, and you will gasp when the video cuts from his drawing to King in costume.


Image via Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0

Gibbons also offers an excellent take on why the Watchmen story endures more than 30 years after its original publication: “We tried to tell the story very much focusing on people’s behavior. The job of the comic book artist is, you make the words come alive. The thing that Watchmen is renowned for is the kind of intimacy.”

Check out the lyrical video of Gibbons’ artistry below. And if you’re not sure whether to give the HBO Watchmen a chance, check out our review.