Watch: Every Jason Statham Punch Ever

     August 25, 2015


When you see a Jason Statham movie, you’re going in part for the fisticuffs.  He’s been in 41 movies since 1998, and in almost all of them, he has hit people, which is what we not only expect but demand from Jason Statham.  His characters may be one-dimensional, his delivery may always be in a gravely voice, but it doesn’t matter because you know that he hits hard and he hits a lot.

But how many times has he hit someone?  How many punches has Statham thrown?  Thankfully, YouTube user Burger Fiction has compiled “Every Jason Statham Punch Ever,” and released it for our viewing pleasure.  Before you click “play” see if you can guess how many punches there are.  It’s like guessing the number of jellybeans in the jar except it’s punches instead of candy.


Image via CBS Films


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