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     September 18, 2007

While many of you know about “Star Trek: New Voyages” and have already watched some of the episodes, a number of you haven’t even heard of the show so here’s the quick recap.

A few years ago a number of people got together and started to make new episodes of “Star Trek” (the original series). They weren’t done to make money or sell merchandise; they were created because they loved the original show and missed “Star Trek.”

At first people doubted what they were trying to do, but now, after a few episodes, fandom has found the show and many have tuned in and seen these “New Voyages.”

So to help celebrate the premiere of Episode 3 – “The World Enough and Time,” the creators and the cast held a premiere in Beverly Hills and I was able to interview some of the cast and some of the original “Star Trek” actors who’ve done episodes of “New Voyages.”

And before getting to the interviews, I’d just like to say I’m extremely impressed with the level of quality of these fan made shows. Of course the first episodes showed the signs of learning as you go, but this new episode – which features George Takei as Sulu – is nothing short of amazing. The level of quality from the special effects to the script is amazing for a fan made show,and the show manages to capture what made the original “Star Trek” great.

If you’re a fan of “Star Trek,” you owe it to yourself to watch. I promise you won’t believe the level of quality.

And while these interviews were done a few weeks ago, I decided to wait to post them until the “New Voyages” website was up and running at 100%. It seems for the first week or two after the premiere, the traffic was so extreme that the site couldn’t keep up and many people couldn’t watch the episodes. Now the server and site are better equipped to handle the traffic and you can now watch what everyone is talking about.

So posted below are some interviews with some of the cast, as well as the director and star of the next episode “Blood and Fire.” And below each name is a quick summary of what we talked about.

And if you want to watch the episodes – click here

Rod Roddenberry and James Cawley – he plays Captain Kirk

  • How these shows came together.
  • I ask what their feelings are with J.J. rebooting the show.
  • Rod is asked how he was involved with the project and he explains he worked on the 2nd show.
  • They talk about the next episode that just recently wrapped production which will feature the first gay Star Trek crew member.
  • I ask with the popularity of the New Voyages, is it easier to get professionals to work on the show.
  • James talks about the cost of the show and how it’s financed.
  • I ask how fans can get involved.

David Gerrold and James Cawley

  • Then David Gerrold joins the interview – he wrote Trouble with Tribbles and the new Blood and Fire episode.
  • David talks about writing for the original Star Trek again
  • I ask David what he thought about the Deep Space Nine episode when they went back to the original show and dealt with the Tribbles all over again.
  • He talks Blood and Fire.
  • I ask his thoughts on J.J. Abrams rebooting the Star Trek franchise.

Christina Moses – she plays Alana Sulu

  • We talk about how she got involved in the show and was she a fan of Trek before she got involved.

Bobby Rice – he plays Peter Kirk on the upcoming episode Blood and Fire.

  • I ask what was it like being on the show.
  • His opinion on Trek being done by fans.
  • James Cawley comes back to the interview and he talks about the goals of the show.

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Julienne Irons – Uhura on Episodes 1 – 3

  • She talks about her experiences on the show.
  • I ask if she was a fan before she got involved.
  • She also says that she wasn’t on the recently done episode Blood and Fire but talks about what the show is about.

Andy Bray – Chekov

  • We cover what the experience has been like.
  • Was a fan of the original show.
  • He demonstrates the Russian accent.
  • We talk new Trek movie.
  • He talks Blood and Fire – the next New Voyages episode.
  • He gives his background and how he got into acting.
  • At the end we talk about how long it takes to shoot an episode.

George Clayton Johnson

  • Wrote The Mantrap episode
  • One of the first writers hired for Trek

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