Watch FAMILY GUY ‘Road to the Multiverse’

     September 29, 2009

Family Guy image slice.jpg

If you read Collider on any sort of regular basis, you know I don’t typically post an article saying you need to watch a TV show. Saying that, I laughed my ass off watching this week’s “Family Guy” episode called Road to the Multiverse and wanted to share it as Hulu makes it easy. The premise is Stewie creates a remote that lets him jump between alternate universes, so he takes Brian along for the ride. And while some shows might try and stay in one or two universes for the entire episode, they sometimes jump after only a few seconds. But the reason to watch this episode is for when they enter the Disney universe at the 9:30 mark. Trust me, the joke at the end is awesome. Also, they enter the world of “The Flinstones” and “Robot Chicken”. If you’re curious, watch it after the jump:

Family Guy image Road to the Multiverse.jpg