Watch Henry Cavill Build a PC While Wearing a Tank Top, Potentially Impregnating Thousands

     July 16, 2020

A fun challenge for you on this otherwise normal Thursday afternoon: Try and make it through this five-minute video of The Witcher star Henry Cavill building a computer from scratch while wearing a tank-top without whispering “oh my goodness gracious” to yourself like a 1950s housewife seeing Elvis Presley for the first time. It sounds easy until the moment you realize the pieces of fresh-cut oak holding the various parts are in reality Henry Cavill’s forearms. You can’t do it. I can’t do it.  It’s a scientific impossibility. Nine months from this video’s post date we’re going to experience a new baby boom and thanks to the magic of the internet all of these children will grow up and know exactly what the fuck happened.

Anyway. This is just another wholesome reminder that despite being built like the titanium refrigerator that’s been in your grandparents’ basement since 1926, Henry Cavill is just a huge nerd. He actively campaigned to get Netflix’s The Witcher made with him in the lead monster-hunting role and now that show is gearing up for season 2. Also, right, he’s freaking Superman, and despite some rumblings that Warner Bros. isn’t sold on another Man of Steel, Cavill has said he hopes to play Kal-El for “years to come.”

Check out the video below and thank us later. For more on what our bulging, veiny nerd king is up to these days, here are the first images from Enola Holmes, the Netflix film in which Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes across from Millie Bobby Brown‘s Enola.

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