Watch INSIDE OUT’s Bill Hader Play “Save or Kill”

     June 16, 2015


I’m a huge fan of Bill Hader. Not only can he do amazing impressions that make me laugh out loud, over the past few years he’s proven again and again that he’s an extremely talented actor that can handle drama and comedy with ease. In Pixar’s masterpiece Inside Out, which opens this weekend, Hader voices the character Fear and as you might expect, does a fantastic job. Trust me, Inside Out is a special movie that you want to see in a theater.

At the press day for the film, I landed an exclusive video interview with Hader. In the coming days I’ll post the full conversation, but today I wanted to share him playing “Save or Kill.” If you haven’t seen it yet, the game reveals which franchises, characters or bands someone would choose when pitted against another of equal value. Han Solo or Indiana Jones – if you were told you could only save one and the other would be erased from existence forever, who would you pick?

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