Watch the 3 Minute and 30 Second AVATAR Trailer

     October 29, 2009

Avatar movie image slice.jpg

I’ll admit it: I was less than impressed with the first “Avatar” trailer.  I thought the movie looked decent, but it wasn’t the cinematic revolution everyone in Hollywood was talking about.  But friend after friend that had seen the 3D footage at Comic-Con and on “Avatar” day kept telling me you’ve got to see the footage in 3D.  They all said the first trailer didn’t have the magic that is “Avatar”.  And after watching the just released three and a half minute trailer for James Cameron’s return to movie theaters, I am now officially on board and shutting up.  This movie looks fantastic and any bit of hesitation has vanished.  If you were in the same boat as me about the first trailer, you absolutely need to watch this new one.  You’ll be sold.

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