Watch the Cast of THE OVERNIGHT Play “Save or Kill”

     June 17, 2015


Make no mistake, writer/director Patrick Bryce’s The Overnight is one of the weirdest comedies I’ve seen in a while. It has a simple premise—a married couple (played by Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling) has recently moved to a new town and is looking for a playmate for their young son. They come across another couple (Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godrèche) who seem warm and inviting, but a simple dinner between the two families becomes much more awkward as the evening winds on. Trust me, the conversations and events that transpire are not the regular things you see in “Hollywood” movies and you will definitely be talking about the film after it ends. For more on The Overnight, watch the green or red band trailers.

At the recent press day I asked Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling, Judith Godrèche, and Jason Schwartzman to play “Save or Kill”. If you haven’t seen it yet, the game reveals which franchises, characters or bands someone would choose when pitted against another of equal value. Han Solo or Indiana Jones – if you were told you could only save one and the other would be erased from existence forever, who would you pick?

Check it out below and click here to see them talking about their memorable moments from filming.

Here are some previous editions of “Save or Kill”


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