‘Watchmen’ Companion Site Reveals How THAT Dr. Manhattan Device Was Made

     November 12, 2019


If you, like me, are still not over the Watchmen scene where Laurie Blake (Jean Smart) whipped out that Dr. Manhattan sex toy and are wondering how it even came to be, then you’re in luck. Earlier this week, the Watchmen companion site Peteypedia has revealed to us just how the Dr. Manhattan device came to be — and it’s a must-read.


Image via HBO

If you’re a little out the loop on this one, I’ll quickly catch you up. So: in Episode 3, “She Was Killed By Space Junk,” we see Laurie pull out a giant, blue, metal sex toy meant to resemble the very enhanced member of her ex-boyfriend (and world’s only known genuine superhero), Dr. Manhattan. It’s unmistakable that it’s a sex toy, too, because it comes with a set of giant, blue magnetic balls to attach because #authenticity. Laurie keeps the replica of her ex-boyfriend’s package in a protective suitcase, indicating just how precious this is. Even if Dr. Manhattan has flown the coop for Mars, Laurie will always have something to remember him by.

Naturally, viewers are going to have some questions about how the Dr. Manhattan sex toy came into existence. The Watchmen companion site Peteypedia has become an important secondary and supplementary source for the series so, it’s not entirely surprising some blueprints for the device made their way there after the episode aired. The file name is arguably the most genius aspect because it reveals the working title of the sex toy is “Excalibur,” named so after the legendary sword of King Arthur. Nice.

The interesting thing is, however, that there is just a blueprint from the sex toy, no accompanying letters or explanations of why it was being created. I mean, if I had to guess, the implication could possibly be that public demand for a sex toy modeled after Dr. Manhattan’s radioactive junk would have risen because Earth’s only superhero famously eschewed clothes and was thus always walking around and saving the world naked. You can only stare at it for so long before you get curious, y’know? At any rate, it was a genius sight gag for Watchmen to pull off and any supplementary material explaining its existence in any form is truly A-OK with me.

Watchmen airs on HBO every Sunday at 9/8c. If you’re keeping up with the show and are wondering what’s up, check out our breakdown of the latest episode including some big questions we still have.