‘Watchmen’ Guide, Week 6: Every Question We Have After “This Extraordinary Being”

     November 25, 2019

I think it’s fair to say that Damon Lindelof and his crew of writers, directors, and performers did not need to go this hard when it came to HBO’s Watchmen. It would’ve been so easy to just hard-R adapt Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic series, cast John Cena as Doctor Manhattan and maybe, like, Walton Goggins as Rorschach*, and call it a day. Instead, this show decided to become a masterclass in updating an artwork for the era it’s aged into, and the absolutely remarkable “This Extraordinary Being”—directed by Stephen Williams, written by Lindelof and Cord Jefferson—is its time-hopping tour de force.

Let’s just jump right into it this week because there aren’t a whole lot of questions, but more like…reflections? Contemplations? Overwhelming guilt at contributing to a society that has historically held down a specific community solely for the color of their skin? Yeah, one of those, probably. Let’s get into it.

(*But real quick, the rest of that cast would have to be Rebecca Ferguson as Silk Spectre, Chris Pratt sent back in a time machine to 2013 as Nite Owl, and, for absolutely no reason, Joe Pesci as The Comedian. No further suggestions at this time.)