A Huge ‘Watchmen’ Finale Easter Egg Was Hidden in the Teaser Poster All Along

     December 16, 2019

Spoilers for the Watchmen finale follow below.

The Watchmen finale made clear that showrunner Damon Lindelof and his writers had been leading viewers to this endpoint all along, going so far as to tease the endgame of the first (and only?) season in the teaser poster for the show that was released before a single episode had even aired.

To recap, the Watchmen finale followed up on the reveal that Cal Abar (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) was actually Doctor Manhattan, with Lady Trieu (Hong Chau) working to capture Cal and take his powers. But as revealed in the tremendous penultimate episode “A God Walks into Abar,” Doctor Manhattan knew the minute he met Angela Abar (Regina King) that their love story would end tragically, so he had been making preparations for his death for some time.

Part of those preparations involved ensuring his legacy would live on. In the finale, Doctor Manhattan/Cal/Jon is killed when Lady Trieu begins to take his powers, but Lady Trieu is then killed by Ozymandias (Jeremy Irons) and Doctor Manhattan’s powers seem to escape into the ether. But after being “awakened” by Angela earlier in the episode, the good Doc left behind a gift for her to find after his death—he imbued an egg with some of his powers.

The final moments of the Watchmen finale sees Angela eating the egg and preparing to walk on water, just as the camera cuts to black. The implication being that Angela is about to become the new Doctor Manhattan, and white supremacists better watch their freaking backs.

But Angela becoming a Doctor Manhattan-like being was actually teased in the Watchmen teaser poster that was released before the show began airing. You see Angela standing in front of a clock, cloaked in a blue hue—blue just like Doctor Manhattan.


Lindelof admitted as much in an interview with THR about the finale, during which he refused to outright reveal what happens after Angela’s foot hits the water, but noted that if you’ve been watching closely the answer is clear:

“This is not me saying what happens when her foot hits the water. There are certainly two possible outcomes. But if you watch the entire season again, or if you look at the poster for Watchmen that existed fifteen weeks ago, our intention is clear. That’s what I’ll say.”

Lindelof has also essentially said he does not have an idea for Watchmen Season 2 and doesn’t know if he’ll return, but it would be incredibly cool to see Angela navigating her new god-like powers, or even wrestling with how she can better use the abilities than Jon Osterman. Here’s hoping Lindelof changes his mind…

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