Damon Lindelof Confirms He’s Out on ‘Watchmen’ Season 2: “I Don’t Have Any Ideas”

     March 9, 2020

Watchmen was a pretty big hit for HBO. It scored rave reviews and a slew of accolades including a stunt ensemble nomination from the Screen Actors Guild, a PGA nomination, two Critics Choice wins, a DGA win, and more. So what’s the deal with Season 2? One would think HBO would be ready and eager to green light another go-around for a successful series, but that doesn’t seem to be happening right now. What gives? 

I recently had the chance to sit down with series creator Damon Lindelof for his new movie The Hunt, and had to take a moment to dig into the Watchmen situation further. Here’s what he said when asked what it would take to make a second season of the show:

“I wish that I had an idea for Watchmen Season 2, and I really wish that there is going to be a Watchmen Season 2; I just – we put it all on the field for Season 1. And every great idea we had, I was like, what if we just put that in Season 1 versus, ‘Oh, let’s stick it away for later.’ And so, could there be a second season of Watchmen? I personally hope that there is but I don’t think it should exist just because people liked the first season.”


Image via HBO

So at this point in time, it seems like Watchmen Season 2 is a no-go, and that likely has a lot to do with the recent reclassification of the show from “drama series” to a “limited series.” Here’s what Lindelof told us about making that decision:

“That decision actually happened well above my pay grade. I think that when we went and pitched the show to HBO we said, ‘We’re just gonna do one season and then see where we are. And just so you know, it’s more of a Fargo model or a True Detective model where, if there were other seasons of the show, it would reset. It’s not the continuative adventures of these characters.’ And they were like, ‘Cool, cool, cool.’ And then when the series ended, they were like, ‘Are you gonna do a second season?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t have any ideas,’ and they were like, ‘Oh, so you meant what you said before.’ And so I think that because there’s only gonna be one of them, it feels more appropriate to call it a limited series than a drama series. But again, I get consulted on these decisions but I don’t make them.”

Never say never in this industry, but if you have your fingers crossed for a second season of Watchmen, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting one in the near future. But, for what it’s worth, you can get more from the mind of Damon Lindelof when The Hunt hits theaters nationwide on March 13th!