‘Wayward Pines’: EPs Donald De Line and Ashwin Rajan on the New Mysteries of Season 2

     March 27, 2016


Be aware there are spoilers below.

How is there a Second Season of Wayward Pines? The end of the first season not only knocked off the series big bad but also the lead/audience surrogate for the show. Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) is blown to smithereens as he sacrifices himself to save his son and fellow Wayward Pines survivors. Sure – the series ended on a Twilight Zone-esque cliffhanger as Burke’s son Ben (Charlie Tahan) awakens to discover his father’s sacrifice was for naught and Wayward Pines has been taken over by a bunch of Fascist Millenials; but the first season conclusively answered any lingering questions. What is Wayward Pines? Answered: A town full of cryogenically frozen survivors in the distant future. What are the monsters lurking outside the town borders? Answered: Human beings have evolved into flesh-eating carnivores (called Abbies). Wayward Pines, at its heart, was a mystery show. Now that all the series’ mysteries have been addressed, where is there to go from here? What could Wayward Pines Season 2 possibly have in store?

At the WonderCon Press Day for the show, Executive Producers Donald De Line & Ashwin Rajan previewed just what to expect from the second season of Wayward Pines. For highlights from the discussion, read below the trailer:


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The most pressing question: how do you even do a second season?

DONALD DE LINE: We all asked ourselves that same thing. When it became a discussion based on the success of the first season, all the creative team – including executive producer M Night Shymalan and author Blake Crouch – started figuring out a story as compelling and interesting. We know where it’s going so we have an end point. We have the confidence of taking the audience on a great journey and pealing back these various layers like we did in season one. It was a think tank and people got very excited about all the ideas that were put forth. It’s something that will arc out over this season and one more season.

ASHWIN RAJAN: It will be two more seasons.

Where does season two start?

RAJAN: It’s a continuation of the story. It’s not necessarily a reboot because we’re still continuing the story. As you know we have the ability to bring in new characters, wake up new characters.

DE LINE: When we woke up Charlie Tahan in the hospital at the end of season one, it was about three years after the invasion of the town by the Abbies. This second season picks up three months after that. 


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How do you incorporate new characters into season two?

DE LINE: They’re going to be very central to the fabric of the town just like Matt Dillon’s character Ethan was in season one. Jason Patric’s character Theo is a surgeon. They have to wake him up for a very compelling reason. He ends up being very pivotal in what will happen in this last chapter. 

Do the new characters realize off the bat that they’re thousands of years into the future?

DE LINE: It unfolds. Some people get it quickly. Some people are prepared to deal with it mentally. Some people might be told that truth and not accept it. It’s a continuation of that. 

How many episodes will the second season be?

DE LINE: Ten episodes. 

You have these fascist millennials take over at the end of the first season. How much do you feel the show is reflective of the current political landscape?


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DE LINE: We haven’t really discussed that. But you’re right. It’s kind of like the Republicans and the Democrats when we open the season this year – the first generation and the rebels. There’s some skirmishing going on when we open. 

What is the balance between flashbacks and present day on the second season?


RAJAN: It’s mostly present day. Once in awhile we go back to inform certain stories and characters. We are bringing Toby Jones back.

DE LINE: And Melissa Leo’s coming back. And Carla Gugino is coming back. And Hope Davis is back. 

Will we find out new things about the Abbies?

DE LINE: We will definitely find out new things about the Abbies. 

RAJAN: That’s one of the things that really excited us. We can dive into our high concept this season. The Abbies are very intriguing so we want to tell their story as well.


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The first season was structured around a central mystery. Will you add new mysteries to center the second season around?

DE LINE: We do. Some things you may be watching and not realize they’re mysteries until we turn over a card and then you’ll be quite surprised. 

Will we see more areas in Wayward Pines?

DE LINE: Yes. We’ll be going into new places we haven’t travelled to before. Definitely. 

What would you say is the theme of this second season?

DE LINE: What is our responsibility on this planet as human beings? 

RAJAN: I think [it centers around] the dichotomy of the humans and the Abbies. It’s a question of do we even belong here anymore?

De Line: Is it our right? Is it a privilege? And how do you distinguish between the two?  

The second season of Wayward Pines begins May 25th on FOX.


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