Wear This: AVATAR Creation Program T-Shirt

     January 12, 2010


TeeFury’s Daily Tee is sure to please Avatar and Nintendo Wii fans alike, although I’m sure there are many more of the former than the latter.  While James Cameron depicted a world of high-tech wonder (except for wheelchairs and tracking devices), it turns out that creating the Avatar bodies wasn’t as difficult as previously believed.  It’s als0 a bit of a bummer because they could have given Jake a cool mohawk or changed his skin pigment.  Even better, with a little creative use of the other facial features, Jake’s avatar could look like a cartoon version of a celebrity or famous movie character.  Such grand possibilities with such simple technology.  Incredible.

TeeFury tees are only available for one day and you only have a little over ten hours to get yours.  It’s only $9 so Avatar/Nintendo Wii fans should click on over and buy one.  You can check out a full image of the shirt after the jump.



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