Wear This: “Big Earl Partridge Productions, Inc” T-Shirt, Based on Paul Thomas Anderson’s MAGNOLIA

     December 9, 2009


The shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere are for the true movie geeks out there.  The epitome of esoteric, these references can only be spotted by the sharpest of movie fans and create an unspoken beyond between the wearer and the person envying the wearer for wearing such a cool shirt.

Today LETN debuted a new shirt displaying the name and logo of “Big Earl Partridge Productions, Inc.” from Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia.  For those who don’t know or don’t remember, BEPP, Inc. was the studio behind “What Do Kids Know?” a jeopardy-like program that ruined the life of former young genius Donnie Smith (William H. Macy) and is currently ruining the life of young genius Stanley Spector (Jeremy Blackman).  The eponymous “Big” Earl Partridge is a feeble man dying of cancer (played by Jason Robards in his final feature film performance).  Now you can have all that knowledge in t-shirt form by clicking here.

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