Wear This: COMMUNITY T-Shirt for the Greendale Human Beings

     May 12, 2010

Community is one of the smartest and funniest comedies on TV right now and if you’re not watching it, you should crawl beneath your cloak of shame.  Last week’s episode was a sublime parody/homage to classic action movies and several weeks ago they did a pitch-perfect send up of Goodfellas.  But another bullet in the show’s gun is that it’s not afraid to be downright weird.  Such is the case with the Glendale Community College’s mascot, “The Human Being”.  Designed to be offensive to no one, the result was an absolutely creepy-looking guy in a grey body-stocking with a smile and two black dots for eyes for a face.

Now you can have a shirt celebrating the mascot and the show, especially since NBC is being silly and has nothing going on in terms of official merchandise.  Click over to SnorgTees to pick it up.

Community airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on NBC.  Watch it.