Wear This: LOST T-Shirt Finds Its Constant…and a DeLorean

     May 18, 2010

Despite being a huge Lost fan, I’ve never bought a Lost-related t-shirt in all of the show’s six seasons.  That changed today as TeeFury released an amazing t-shirt featuring Faraday, Desmond, and a DeLorean.  The image on the shirt makes it look like Desmond and Faraday are about to travel through time to fight crime.  Even if Lost screws the pooch in the final episodes, I know that in terms of the show’s overall run, Faraday was great, Desmond was great, and Back to the Future is an all-time great.

Click over to TeeFury to get yours.  It’s only $9 (plus $2 shipping) and it’s only available today.  Hit the jump to see a full image of the shirt.