Wear This: New Last Exit to Nowhere Shirts based on JAWS and THE FLY

     January 1, 2010


If you’re kicking off the new year by throwing out old shirts and looking to buy some new ones, the fantastic t-shirt site Last Exit to Nowhere has your torso covered.  They just released new shirts based on Jaws and The Fly.  I think the Jaws shirt is going to go fast because it’s got a better design and once you see it you think, “Why yes.  I have always wanted to own this.”  But the shirt for The Fly would also be worth owning because it’s the more esoteric reference and when people ask about Bartok Industries, you can tell them they’re very close to perfecting teleportation technology aside from a few minor hiccups.

Hit the jump to see full versions of the shirts.  Click here to buy the shirt based on Jaws and click here to buy the shirt based on The Fly.



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