Wear This: R2 Unit Workshop Manual

     November 3, 2009


Need to fix your R2 Unit but don’t have the manual on you?  Realize that all your force powers don’t equal an engineering degree?  Fret not!  Today’s daily tee from TeeFury makes sure that you don’t need a manual or the force to fix your R2–just a friend who’s forced to wear this t-shirt and be around your R2 unit at all times.  But when you’re flying down a trench in your X-Wing trying to destroy a base that can blow up a planet, you couldn’t ask for a better co-pilot.  He or she would certainly better than that loser Dack back on Hoth.

Hit the jump to check out the full shirt.

You can get this lovely piece of couture for only $9 (+ 2 bucks for shipping) by clicking here.  Remember that like all TeeFury Daily Tees, this one is only available for one day.



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