Weekend Box Office – CLASH OF THE TITANS $61.4 Million Breaks Easter Record

     April 4, 2010


It was a record breaking Easter weekend debut for WB/Legendary’s much-hyped Clash of the Titans remake. The newly-christened 3D pic took in an estimated $61.4 million from 3,777 locations including 1,810 3D screens it managed to pilfer from Alice in Wonderland.

Title Weekend Total
1 Clash of the Titans $61,400,000 $64
2 Why Did I Get Married Too $30,150,000 $30.1
3 How to Train Your Dragon $29,200,000 $92.3
4 The Last Song $16,200,000 $25.5
5 Alice in Wonderland $8,267,000 $309
6 Hot Tub Time Machine $8,000,000 $27.8
7 The Bounty Hunter $6,200,000 $48.9
8 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $5,525,000 $46.2
9 She’s Out of My League $1,463,000 $28.6
10 Shutter Island $1,462,000 $123.4

clash_of_the_titans_movie_poster_sam_worthington_medusa_head_01.jpgRight off the bat I have some revising to do. On Saturday the studio reported that their early release of Clash of the Titans had brought in over $4 million from the 3,000 locations it launched in on Thursday April 1st. That included screenings at 8 & 10 pm and at midnight. This morning those numbers have been revised and it now appears the Clash took in only about $2.6 million from its first (half) day. That’s why they call them estimates.

As one of the most relentlessly promoted films of 2010, Clash of the Titans was aiming high. As of Sunday morning the 4-day estimate for the reboot (now expanded into 3,777 locations) stands at $64 million or $16,250 per screen for the weekend only. That’s good. Indeed, it represents an Easter record – the previous title holder being Scary Movie 4 with $40 million in 2006. But that little million-plus overestimate should be your first hint that the Titans didn’t quite deliver on all of that hype.

Considering the fact that Titans launched on a holiday weekend and that converting the film into 3D added a price premium in almost half of its venues (not to mention those omnipresent “Release the Kraken! promos) that total could have gone higher. A 3-day total of over $65 million was expected, the studio’s last-minute proclamation that they were looking for just about $55 million notwithstanding. Had Clash made it past $65 million it would have put it on par with the $70.8 million that 300 (the high water mark for all leather loincloth flicks) earned on its first (non-holiday, two dimensional) weekend.

The Titans started out strong with $26.3 million on Friday, but Easter represents that rare weekend (holiday or not) where grosses tend to fall from Friday to Saturday. To illustrate: last year’s big Easter winner, Hannah Montana: The Movie, fell more than 40% between its first Friday and Saturday. Because Clash of the Titans does not have good reviews to recommend it (31% on Rotten Tomatoes), going forward I would expect it to continue to perform more as a big 2D movie instead of as a 3D blockbuster the likes of Alice in Wonderland (which crossed the $300 million mark here in the US last Thursday).

The Last Song movie poster.jpgClash was not the only new movie in the Easter hunt this weekend. Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too opened in 2,155 locations on Friday, earning an estimated $30.1 million through Sunday or $13,990 per screen. In terms of Tyler Perry films, that total is better than the director’s first Married movie, which brought in $21.3 million in October of 2007, but below the $41 million of his biggest debut, 2009’s Madea Goes to Jail.

I mentioned that last Easter was ruled by Miley Cyrus with her Hannah Montana: The Movie. One year later Miley has finally ditched Hannah to star in her first big-girl role, Disney’s The Last Song. The film is based on a Nicholas Sparks’ story – he of The Notebook and Dear John fame. It was a smart choice to advance Miley’s career, offset only slightly by the treacly dreck of the finished product (13% on the Tomatometer). Even with all the awful, The Last Song managed to bring in an estimated $16.2 million from its 2,673 locations Friday through Sunday or a grand total of $25.5 million with the film’s early Wednesday release factored in.

Checking in with last weekend’s 3D disappointment, How To Train Your Dragon, the animated film had a decent run through the week, averaging just over $4 million for each weekday. Its second weekend total of $29.2 million represented a drop of just 33%, boosted significantly by a strong showing of $17.5 million on Saturday.

Next week both of this week’s big 3D pics will get a chance to settle in and relax a bit. The only new release will be Fox’s adventure/comedy Date Night, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell. We can only pray that the studio has decided against editing in any three-dimensional dragons on that one.

Date Night movie image Tina Fey and Steve Carell.jpg

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