Weekend Box Office: ‘Coco’ Takes Top Spot Over ‘Justice League’ & ‘The Disaster Artist’

     December 10, 2017


By the end of today, Disney and Pixar’s Coco will have won the weekend for the third weekend in a row, beating out competition from Justice League, The Disaster Artist, and Wonder. This places the animated delight in a somewhat elite club of 2017 titles that have held court for three weeks straight at the box office, alongside good movies (Split) and bad (The Fate of the Furious & The Hitman’s Bodyguard). At the end of its run in theaters, Coco will likely be in the top 20 box office hits of 2017, in the same area as Split and Pixar’s other, far less entertaining production, Cars 3.


Image via Warner Bros.

Indeed, Coco brought in an estimaged $18.3 million this weekend to win its third straight weekend at the box office, easily trouncing new releases like Just Getting Started and the wide release of The Disaster Artist in 800 more theaters. Despite strong showings from James Franco’s movie on Friday, however, Justice League continues to hold onto the number two spot this weekend with $9.5 million, while The Disaster Artist will come in at fourth with $6.4 million. That makes for less than a $200,000 difference between The Disaster Artist and Thor: Ragnarok, enjoying its last weekend in the top five at the fifth spot with $6.2 million. Both fell to the shockingly resilient Wonder, which came in at number three with $8.4 million.

The arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi next weekend will send all of this into total tumult. Unless The Disaster Artist sees a steep decline next weekend, Ragnarok will likely get tossed down to sixth or seventh place, depending on how much of an audience the animated Ferdinand, the only wide release opening alongside The Last Jedi, can wrangle. If parents flock there rather than risk the darker moments of The Last Jedi, either The Disaster Artist or Wonder could leave the top five as well. Current tracking has The Last Jedi at well over $200 million in its opening weekend, though there’s no telling if it will be able to reach the fiscal heights of The Force Awakens, which brought in nearly $248 million in its opening weekend. Indeed, the only real competition Star Wars movies have at this point is other movies within its own canon.

Here’s your top five at the box office for the weekend:


Title Weekend Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘Coco’ $18,303,000 $135,508,690
2. ‘Justice League’ $9,595,000 $212,060,371
3. ‘Wonder’ $8,450,000 $100,303,106
4. ‘The Disaster Artist’ $6,435,514 $8,032,288
5. ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ $6,291,000 $301,156,064

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