Weekend Box Office: IRON MAN 2 Fights Off ROBIN HOOD with $53 million

     May 16, 2010

It seems the arrows of Robin Hood were no match for the metal armor of Iron Man 2, as the former was unable to steal the weekend crown from the latter.  Iron Man 2 repeated its win from last week (though not without a steep decline) while Robin Hood may not be the failure some predicted.  Details on the top 10 after the jump.

Title Weekend Total
1 Iron Man 2 $53,000,000 $212,160,000
2 Robin Hood $37,114,000 $37,114,000
3 Letters to Juliet $13,750,000 $13,750,000
4 Just Wright $8,500,000 $8,500,000
5 How to Train Your Dragon $5,120,000 $207,764,000
6 A Nightmare on Elm Street $4,700,000 $56,109,000
7 Date Night $4,000,000 $86,699,107
8 The Back-Up Plan $2,465,000 $34,202,302
9 Furry Vengeance $2,300,000 $15,146,964
10 Clash of the Titans $1,255,000 $160,151,000

After an opening of $128.1 million last week, Iron Man 2 dipped 58% for a weekend total of $53 million, which brings the film to the tidy sum of $212.2 million.  All signs suggest the superhero sequel is well on its way to $300+ million domestic, though its legs may need to grow a little longer to reach $400 million.  Iron Man 2 is well past the original’s gross of $177.8 million after the second weekend, though the freshness of the franchise in 2008 ensured slight declines that the Iron Man 2 won’t be privy to in 2010.  All in all, Marvel Studios still has plenty to celebrate this May.

Some were predicting box office totals for Robin Hood as gloomy as the tone director Ridley Scott maintains throughout the remake of the classic tale.  Instead, Robin Hood rode back into the spotlight proudly with $37.1 million.  Whether or not the reboot will be profitable—with a reportedly bloated budget—remains to be seen, but strong international draw should help.  Though poor reviews will ensure it never becomes the zeitgeist that Best Picture-winner Gladiator was for Team Scott/Crowe, Robin Hood certainly won’t be the first bomb of the summer.

It’s easy to lose track of the other new offerings this week amid the Iron Man/Robin Hood shuffle, but Letters to Juliet and Just Wright both fared relatively well given their moderate expectations.  In particular, as the main entertainment targeted to females, Juliet opened to $13.8 million.  It is true that Dear John, the last romantic comedy led by Amanda Seyfried, managed a significantly better $30.5 million in its opening weekend in Februrary.  But in combination, John, Juliet, and smash musical Mamma Mia establish Seyfried as a leading female presence in Hollywood.  Meanwhile, in fewer theaters (1,831) and on a Fox Searchlight budget, basketball flick Just Wright scored $8.5 million.

In likely its last turn in the top five, How to Train Your Dragon wrangled up another $5.1 million, bringing its total to an impressive $207.8 million.  Next week, fellow DreamWorks Animation entry Shrek Forever After will push Dragon out, and is sure to dominate even Iron Man 2 (Shrek the Third earned a spectacular $121.6 million on its first weekend back in May 2007).  But if you’re looking for a comedy that is decidedly not family-friendly, you are in luck, because next Friday also brings Saturday Night Live sketch MacGruber to the big screen in all its R-rated glory.  Check back next weekend to see if Shrek 4 can top the third entry in the franchise, and whether MacGruber can cash in on surprisingly good buzz.

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