‘Joker’ Wins Another Weekend Box Office with $18.9 Million, Total Now at $277 Million

     October 27, 2019


With another weekend at the movies winding down, Warner Bros. Joker emerges victorious despite a 35% dip, with another $18.9 million domestically added to its already massive pile of earnings. The Todd Phillips-directed movie now has a whopping $277.5 million in domestic earnings, proving that audiences are not going fatiguing of this origin story-like approach to an infamous comic book villain.


Image via Warner Bros.

Joker has been just as popular overseas, with international box office earnings in the double digits, too. This weekend it earned another $47 million, bringing its international earnings alone to $571 million. Joker‘s global earnings are now sitting very pretty at $849 million. To put things in perspective, Joker has now surpassed the global totals of other films of its ilk, including Thor: Ragnarok ($846M), Wonder Woman ($821M), and Deadpool ($801M) according to a tweet from Exorcist Relations Co.

From here on out Joker will be the movie to beat, the metric by which we measure other movies of its kind. Since its October 4 premiere, Joker has become the highest-grossing R-rated film, the movie with the biggest October opening, and the movie with the highest October Monday box office total. Despite some critical examinations of the movie, audiences have yet to be dissuaded from seeing Joker in theaters based on these numbers.


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It’s a super tight race at the box office this weekend as Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil comes in at number two with $18.5 million in domestic earnings from its 3,790 locations. This number marks a steep 50% drop in earnings from last week and a reminder that even though this is a Disney flick, the Maleficent sequel is really struggling to make back its $185 million budget (before P&A). It now has a domestic total of $65.4 million. As for international earnings, Walt Disney Studios’ report indicates the movie is doing better in the 56 markets its being shown in. This weekend’s international earnings hit is $64.3 million, bringing its total international earnings since its premiere up to $228.1 million and its global total up to $293.5 million.

As for new box office offerings, STX’s horror pic Countdown came in at number five with $9 million domestic from 2,675 theaters across the nation. The film surpassed its $8 million opening weekend predictions and, for all intents and purposes, is in the black as it earned back its very trim $6.5 million budget. At number six is fellow newcomer and cop drama Black and Blue starring Naomie Harris. The Screen Gems release struggled in its opening weekend, reeling in $8.32 domestically and signaling a flop for the flick which had a budget of $12 million. While it’s unlikely these two will maintain this level of earnings in the coming weeks, it’s notable that two comparatively low-budget flicks are proving to be strong competition for bigger-budget fare and sitting high in the chart.


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Towards the bottom of the box office top 10 are additional newcomers The Lighthouse, directed by Robert Eggers for A24, and The Current War: The Director’s Cut, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon. At number eight is The Lighthouse, which follows two lighthouse keepers played by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe who slowly descend into madness, made $3 million over the weekend, bringing its opening domestic total up to $3.6 million from its 586 locations. The film average a very impressive $5,261 per theater, too. As for The Current War, which is finally in theaters after a long shelving period, it sits at number nine with a very grim $2.7 million earned from its 1,002 domestic locations.


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There are also some interesting trends and smaller but notable moments to take away from this pre-Halloween weekend box office. Not only did Joker and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil have a near-tie with their respective $18.9 and $18.5 million earnings, but the number three flick, The Addams Family, and the number four film, Zombieland 2: Double Tap, also got into a near-tie. The Addams Family brought in $11.7 million domestic while Zombieland 2 earned $11.6 million domestic. Additionally, early awards season contenders Jojo Rabbit and Parasite had smashing opening weekends despite their limited releases here in the United States. Director Taika Waititi‘s “anti-hate satire” Jojo Rabbit was shown in just 55 theaters this weekend, earning $1 million and bringing its total up to $1.5 million. In its very limited release, Jojo Rabbit averaged $18,927 per theater — the highest average of any movie this weekend. As for the critically-acclaimed Parasite from director Bong Joon-ho, the movie earned $1.8 million this weekend from 189 theaters, meaning it averaged $14,107 per site. This brings the Neon release up to $4.1 million.

Looking ahead, Halloween weekend is going to be an interesting one for sure. Premiering next weekend is Terminator: Dark FateMotherless BrooklynHarriet, and the animated movie Arctic Dogs. While the latter three will appeal to comparatively niche audiences given their drama or family-friendly status, the real threat to Joker‘s box office reign is the Tim Miller-directed Terminator installment which has already had a small but successful international opening. As we head into the final week of October, Terminator: Dark Fate has earned $12.8 million internationally from its premiere in 10 markets including the UK ($3.8M), France ($3.1), Thailand ($1.5M), Germany ($1.4M), and Malaysia ($1.1M).










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