‘Onward’ Conjures Weekend Box Office Win with $40 Million

     March 8, 2020


Pixar’s Onward has fulfilled projections from earlier this week, hitting it big with a $40 million domestic opening weekend. The fantasy-filled animated feature — which includes the voice talents of Tom HollandChris PrattJulia Louis-Dreyfus, and Octavia Spencer — has seemingly charmed audiences during an otherwise fairly standard weekend at the movies.


Image via Pixar

The latest box office reports show Onward scoring a $40 million opening. Showing in 4,310 theaters nationwide, Onward averaged a commendable $9,281 per theater. Overseas, the Pixar pic opened in 47 markets and earned $28 million total. The feature has also opened to #1 in many of these international territories as it scoops up positive reviews. Onward‘s global total is up to $68 million. Audiences have been lovin’ hard on Onward, giving it an A- CinemaScore and a 96% verified score on Rotten Tomatoes. Domestic audiences were 52% female, with kids making up 36%. There are interesting results in terms of audience age, too, with 23% of audiences aged 25 to 34 years old turning up (that’s probably thanks to the Holland-Pratt leading combo) and kids 10 to 12 years old making up 18% of audiences.

So, is Onward on track to being one of the biggest Pixar movies of all time? Probably not. It doesn’t benefit from being a follow-up installment to an established hit like the Toy Story movies (or The Incredibles movies or the Finding Nemo movies or —), which have all had at least $100 million domestic opening weekends. Onward‘s opening weekend total of $40 million domestic puts it just a wee bit ahead of The Good Dinosaur‘s $39 million opening in 2015 and a little bit behind Cars 3‘s $53 million opening in 2017. Unlike The Good Dinosaur or Cars 3, which have mostly been filed away as a beta Pixar movies, the fate of Onward has yet to be decided. The fantasy film about two elf brothers going on a quest to bring their late father back to life for one day has been garnering positive reviews at home and abroad and has the audience ratings to back it up. Don’t count out Onward just yet.

Fellow new release The Way Back officially sits at #3, earning an opening weekend total of $8.5 million. This might come as a bit of shock considering the well-reviewed drama is anchored by Ben Affleck taking on a role with similarities to his own life (which could usher in curious audiences) and is directed by Gavin O’ConnorThe Way Back at least met the expected domestic projection target of $6 to $10 million and averaged $3,127 per theater from 2,718 total theaters nationwide. Overseas, the Warner Bros. feature opened in 14 markets, earning $640,000 from 668 screens total. This brings The Way Back‘s opening weekend global total up to $9.1 million.


Image via Universal Pictures

Elsewhere, The Invisible Man, an updated take on The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss and directed by Leigh Whannell, hit a 46% dip from last weekend. The feature dropped to #2 with $15.2 million earned over the weekend. The Universal monster movie is halfway to $100 million domestic in as many weekend with a $52 million overall domestic total. Birds of Prey, currently at #7, is closing in on $200 million worldwide, adding $2.2 million domestic and $1.9 million international to its growing coffers. Focus Features’ Emma., starring Anya Taylor-Joy in director Autumn de Wilde‘s delightful new take on the Jane Austen classic, opened wide here in the U.S. this weekend and rose to #6. The film added 1,468 theaters and $5 million to its domestic total, which now sits at $6.9 million.

Check out the full weekend box office top 10 below. For more, check out our review of Onward and our interview with Onward stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.

Rank Title Weekend Total
1. Onward $40,000,000 $40,000,000
2. The Invisible Man $15,150,000 $52,693,570
3. The Way Back $8,500,000 $8,500,000
4. Sonic the Hedgehog $7,999,848 $140,818,000
5. The Call of the Wild $7,000,000 $57,483,738
6. Emma. $5,000,000 $6,892,065
7. Bad Boys for Life $3,050,000 $202,028,103
8. Birds of Prey $2,160,000 $82,560,582
9. 1917 $1,370,000 $158,294,094
10. Jumanji: The Next Level $1,340,000 $315,871,594

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