Weekend Box Office: ‘The Dark Tower’ Leads With Weak $19.5 Million Opening

     August 6, 2017


The good news coming out of this weekend is that Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan‘s problematic, intermittently dazzling war epic, has passed $300 million worldwide. For whatever my issues with Nolan and his latest film, it nevertheless confronts some major issues involving the chaos and confusion that war and violence in general engenders, and how easily bravery erodes in the face of oblivion. It’s also one of the few interesting original films to be released by a big studio this summer and its success on that front might just mean studios will be a little more willing to back big war films by major filmmakers. Or it may just mean that we will continue to get a steady diet of Nolan movies.


Image via Warner Bros.

In any case, I will take this win over the winner of this weekend’s box office showdown. The Dark Tower, Nicolaj Arcin‘s grim affront to anyone who loves (or even just enjoys) Stephen King‘s Dark Tower books, will indeed take the weekend with a middling estimated $19.5 million in total. Dunkirk, which brought in $17.6 million in its third frame, ended up in second right below it, and The Emoji Movie is currently in third with $12.3 million. For as bad as The Emoji Movie is, I would happily sit through that extended smartphone commercial than witness the bland, uninventive, and brazenly, shamefully opportunistic mess that Arcin put up on the screen.

Detroit, which is problematic yet substantial in similar ways to Dunkirk, didn’t make much noise this weekend as it expanded, but Kidnap, the other major-ish opener of the weekend alongside The Dark Tower, was able to squeak into the top five. The Halle Berry vehicle came in at number five with $10.2 million, right behind Girls Trip in number four with $11.4 million in its third frame. Where both Dunkirk and Girls Trip have shown staying power over the last two weekends, it’s all but certain that The Dark Tower will drop like  a rock next weekend and Kidnap will likely evaporate before doing some business in the VOD sector. This is all to say that just having name recognition isn’t always enough to make a real dent in the box office, even if it seems to be true most of the time.

Here’s your top five for the weekend:

Title Weekend Domestic BO Total Domestic BO
1. ‘The Dark Tower’ $19,500,000 $19,500,000
2. ‘Dunkirk’ $17,600,000 $133,555,738
3. ‘The Emoji Movie’ $12,350,000 $49,451,704
4. ‘Girls Trip’ $11,418,700 $85,443,720
5. ‘Kidnap’ $10,210,000 $10,210,000

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