Weekend Box Office – THE ROOMMATE At Home in First Place with $15.6 Million; SANCTUM in Second with $9.2 Million

     February 6, 2011


Super Bowl weekend is not known for its huge debuts – 2010 being the notable exception.  And with much of the country still dealing with their endless winter nightmares and the rest transfixed by the game, this weekend has a good excuse for its low numbers.

Title Weekend Total
1 The Roommate $15,600,000 $15.6
2 Sanctum $9,225,000 $9.2
3 No Strings Attached $8,400,000 $51.7
4 The King’s Speech $8,310,000 $84.1
5 The Green Hornet $6,100,000 $87.2
6 The Rite $5,565,000 $23.6
7 The Mechanic $5,370,000 $20
8 True Grit $4,750,000 $155
9 The Dilemma $3,448,000 $35.7
10 Black Swan $3,400,000 $95.8

THE ROOMMATE movie posterOnce again, grosses are way down this weekend, marking 13 weekends in a row of sub-par sales.  According to Box Office Mojo this will also be the slowest movie-going Super Bowl weekend of the past 15 years.  And that last one you can’t blame only on Avatar

Sony/Screen Gems PG-13 thriller The Roommate easily captured first place this weekend. The modern-day Single White Female launched at 2,787 locations and tallied an estimated $15.6 million.  That is more than the $12.4 million The Eye saw (get it?) from its debut on this weekend back in 2008 but it represents only half of the total that Dear John brought in on Super Bowl weekend one year ago.  Still, its relatively thrifty $16 million budget means that this one should end up in profit for the studios.

In second place with an estimated $9.2 million from 2,534 locations is Sanctum.  The Relativity/Universal release heavily touted its connection to Avatar director James Cameron (he produced) and tried to sell the cave-exploring thriller by implying that its 3D effects would be comparable to a trip to Pandora.  So I guess Pandora isn’t much of a draw these days?  Among recent 3D releases, Sanctum ranks near the bottom in terms of first weekend numbers.  In fact, with its $15.8 million debut last August, Step-Up 3D looks like a blockbuster in comparison.

Sanctum-movie-imageNow in its third weekend, No Strings Attached had another great hold of 37%, bringing its domestic total up to $51.7 million.  That puts it close to the $60 million range in which most romantic comedies bottom out, but that is still more than I thought it would make when it debuted two weeks back.

The biggest drop of the week belonged to the former number one film The Rite.  The PG-13 thriller dropped 62% to land in sixth place in its second weekend.  Fellow sophomore The Mechanic saw a more modest decline of 53%, giving it a new domestic total of just over $20 million.

Checking in with our Oscar bait, once again The King’s Speech looks like the one to beat, giving up just 25% of its gross from last weekend to bring its US total above $84 million.  Black Swan should soar past $100 million in another week while True Grit just passed $155 million.  And they said a Western couldn’t beat Little Fockers.

The box office has a real chance at reversing its downward spiral next weekend as four new releases including (gasp!) Justin Bieber: Never Say Never and Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It enter theatres.  Football won’t be an issue so if we can just get the winter to cooperate people should be showing up at the movies again, right?  God I hope so.

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