Weekend Box Office: ‘The Predator’ Crash Lands with $24 Million

     September 16, 2018

the-predator-sliceWell, I suppose it’s a good thing Predators operate using stealth, because this was one quiet weekend at the box office, with Shane Black‘s The Predator taking the top spot with $24 million. A perfectly fine number, not terrible, but certainly not good, considering 20th Century Fox’s $88 million sci-fi sequel added just $30.7 million overseas, bringing its worldwide haul to $54.7 million.

There are numerous possible culprits behind The Predator‘s lackluster debut. Some, cough cough, might say the 31-year-old franchise itself isn’t exactly designed to be a money-maker. Some might point to the casting controversy that arrived mere days before premiere, in which Olivia Munn revealed one of her scene partners, an old friend of Shane Black’s, was a registered sex offender. And some might say the movie just ain’t very good; the movie currently sits with a C+ CinemaScore, and our own Perri Nemiroff called it “a messy mixed bag.”

Things are looking equally tumultuous over in the Conjuring Universe, where The Nun fell a steep 66.2% from its opening weekend to take in $18.2 million. This, for the record, is the biggest drop-off of any Conjuring flick, just one week after The Nun scored the biggest opening of any Conjuring flick. But like I said yesterday, unless CEO Kevin Tsujihara is particularly spooked by jump scares, Warner Bros. isn’t likely losing any sleep. The Nun‘s monstrous opening more than covered the film’s modest $22 million budget.

Meanwhile, Paul Feig‘s dark whodunit A Simple Favor very quietly surpassed expectations with a $16 million opening weekend, good enough for third place. In the most appropriately titled battle of the weekend, White Boy Rick—a newcomer this weekend after debuting at the Toronto Film Festival—just barely nudged Crazy Rich Asians, a movie that debuted a month ago, out of the fourth place spot.

Check out the weekend’s top 10 estimates below, and come back next week to see if audiences have time for The House with a Clock in Its Walls.

Rank Title Weekend Total
1. The Predator $24,000,000 $24,000,000
2. The Nun $18,200,000 $85,076,325
3. A Simple Favor $16,050,000 $16,050,000
4. White Boy Rick $8,800,000 $8,800,000
5. Crazy Rich Asians $8,700,000 $149,551,904
6. Peppermint  $6,070,000 $24,245,804
7. The Meg $3,805,000 $137,087,190
8. Searching  $3,200,000 $19,621,103
9. Unbroken: Path to Redemption $2,350,000 $2,350,000
10. Mission: Impossible – Fallout  $2,315,000 $216,135,337

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