Weekly TV Guide: ‘Tyrant’ and ‘Scream’ Season Finales, ‘The Strain’, and More

     August 31, 2015


The Collider Weekly TV Guide is a rundown of notable episodes, premieres, returns, finales, and opportunities to catch-up on great shows (or to cast an eye to the occasional TV train wreck). Here are the picks for the week beginning Monday, August 31st:

Monday, 8/31

The Whispers Season 1 Finale, “Game Over” (ABC, 10 p.m.) – Everything is coming to a head and chaos begins to ensue as Drill prepares to enact the final phase of its plan in the Season 1 finale of ABC’s supernatural drama.

Tuesday, 9/1


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Tyrant Season 2 Finale, “Pax Abuddin” (FX, 10 p.m.) – Abuddin begins to put the mechanics of reform into action and Jamal’s (Ashraf Barhom) fate hangs in the balance of how the new leaders seek justice for his crimes in the season finale of Tyrant. Elsewhere, Barry (Adam Rayner) tries to firm up the new heads of Abuddin, while Leila (Moran Atias) talks with the Arab League to secure her place, and Ahmed’s place, in Abuddin in the aftermath of the uprising.

Scream Season 1 Finale, “Revelations” (MTV, 10 p.m.) – The final episode of the first season of Scream is tellingly titled, as Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) races to saved one of her nearest and dearest, right before the identity of the killer becomes clear to her.

Wednesday, 9/2

Mr. Robot Season 1 Finale, “eps1.9_zer0-day.avi” (USA, 10 p.m.) – After being bumped back due to the horrible events in Virginia last week, the Mr. Robot season finale airs, finding Elliot (Rami Malek) dealing with the aftermath of a previous major hack, with Tyrell (Martin Wallström) and Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) both nowhere to be found.

Key & Peele, “The 420 Special” (Comedy Central, 10 p.m.) – Telemarketers, Neil deGrasse Tyson, a tailor and his flatulent client, job interviews, and more discussions of Game of Thrones between excited valets make up Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s latest episode of sketches.

Thursday, 9/3

Review, “William Tell, Grant A Wish, Rowboat” (Comedy Central, 10 p.m.) – Forrest MacNeill, played by co-creator Andrew Daly, once again takes on life experiences for review, this time including rowboats, granting his son’s birthday wish, and his father recreating William Tell’s famous archery feat.

Saturday, 9/5


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Blunt Talk, “All My Relationships End in Pain” (Starz, 9 p.m.) – Walter is ordered to spend some time at Alcoholics Anonymous in the latest episode of this strange, funny Starz comedy, starring Patrick Stewart. Elsewhere, we get a gander at how Walter’s staff entertain themselves on the weekend.

Sunday, 9/6

The Last Ship Season 2 Finale, “A More Perfect Union” (TNT, 9 p.m.) – The Nathan James struggles to regain the trust of the American people as it also begins attempting to spread the cure to the infected at various ports in the Season 2 finale of TNT’s predictable military sci-fi drama.

Ray Donovan, “The Octopus” (Showtime, 9 p.m.) – With Mickey, played by Jon Voight, in hiding for the time being, efforts begin to be made to tease him out of his bunker and the effects of these acts put Bunchy’s (Dash Mihok) marriage in jeopardy in the latest episode of this middling action-drama.

The Strain, “The Battle for Red Hook” (FX, 10 p.m.) – In the latest episode of Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan‘s excellent vampire series, Justine (Samantha Mathis) must fend off a surprise invasion while Eph (Corey Stoll) and Setrakian (David Bradley) confront a familiar nemesis. Meanwhile, Nora (Mía Maestro) and Fet (Kevin Durand) must go off on their own hugely important mission..

Masters of Sex, “High Anxiety” (Showtime, 10 p.m.) – The latest episode of this overrated, if intermittently fascinating drama sees Masters (Michael Sheen) continuing in his work on a surrogacy program, which is now under the watchful, suspicious eye of partner Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan).


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