Unicorns, Pig Guts and The Buddha: Watch the Weirdest Horror Movie Kills

     October 26, 2016


If there’s one thing you can almost always count on in a horror movie, it’s a body count, but the way those bodies pile up is infinitely varied. Kill scenes can be funny, devastating, scary, disgusting, and horrific, but some movies opt to settle on plain old weird. Stabbings are the standard, suffocations are a dime a dozen; machetes, crossbows, and hatchets all dominate the genre, but plenty of films and franchises aren’t content to rely on the standbys.

Particularly in the decades since slasher films started placing an emphasis on effects-driven kill sequences, and franchising created a need to best the previous set-pieces with each subsequent film. Then came the so-called “torture porn” era, and suddenly coming up with novel, twisted ways to kill a character on camera became a booming industry. With filmmakers clamoring for ways to shock and awe desensitized audiences, there’s abundance of unusual implements of death to be found in modern horror, so I’ve compiled a number of my favorite strange kills for your viewing pleasure…or. Watch what made the cut in the video below, and this feels like a silly thing to say given the the name of the vide, but it’s about to get very spoilery and R-rated. Let’s get weird with it.

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