THE DEVIL INSIDE Creators’ New Horror Film Titled WER

     February 7, 2012


Last month, the filmmakers behind The Devil Inside announced they would be pursuing another horror film that would start shooting April 9. That film, by writer/director William Brent Bell and co-writer Matthew Peterman now has the title, Wer. Although the plot details are scant, Bell did suggest that the title doesn’t necessarily correlate to “werewolf.” However, he has previously said that the filmmakers wanted to apply the same techniques they used on The Devil Inside to “another classic horror mythology.” Hit the jump for more on Bell/Peterman, including their upcoming project, The Vatican.

THR reported on Wer’s wer-william-brent-belltitle and recorded the following quotes from Bell. Regarding the status of Wer and his upcoming project, The Vatican, he commented as follows:

“The projects are totally separate. Wer is currently in pre-production with shooting this April. For the The Vatican we’re waiting on the first draft of the script from Dave Cohen.”

Coming off of the financial-blockbuster but critical nightmare known as The Devil Inside, Bell seemed to take the experience in stride (which is easier to do with all that money). He seems even more excited to mess with audiences next time around:

“When trying to make these films feel authentic we chose not to follow every rule. The real world doesn’t follow a perfect three-act structure.  The ending was unexpected and that’s what we wanted. We knew the abrupt would throw some audiences but didn’t expect such a passionate reaction.  Then there is the website at the end leading audiences to more information about the movie. That was a very unique, last minute idea. Since Paramount has been so successful in ground-breaking interactive concepts we thought it might be great. We learned that when you try something for the first time it’s dangerous. The URL experiment didn’t go over well. But we won’t shy away from taking chances in future projects – but we now have a better understanding how profoundly those ideas can affect an audience’s experience.”

Finally, when asked how he would be juggling both Wer and The Vatican by employing the same crime-documentary approach as in The Devil Inside but letting the projects take different creative paths:

“We love the format of crime docs versus just found footage. Both of these projects will utilize these techniques – each very differently – but we want to try new things as well.”


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