New Line High on Pot Comedy WE’RE THE MILLERS, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE Writers, and Burr Steers

     September 7, 2010


The pot-centric comedy We’re the Millers has been kicking around in development for years now, with Steve Buscemi attached at one point (no longer).  New Line would like to finally get the concept on screen.  According to 24 Frames, Millers centers on a veteran pot dealer who “decides to create a fake family (the eponymous Millers) to move a large shipment of marijuana across the U.S. border from Mexico.”

Most of talent linked to the project have an associable credit on their filmography.  Steve Faber and Bob Fisher (Wedding Crashers) wrote the first draft.  Dan Fybel and Rich Rinaldi (The Sarah Silverman Program) are currently working on a rewrite.  Sean Anders and John Morris (writers of Hot Tub Time Machine) are in the running to direct.  Even Burr Steers, best known as the director of such Zac Efron vehicles as 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud, and owner of a fantastic name, directed a 2005 episode of Weeds.  There have been hints of greatness in the work of Anders/Morris, particularly Sex Drive — but I’d like to see the pair write for themselves.  So I like Steers for the gig, provided he can find a role for Efron, and New Line calls it “Burr Steers’ We Are the Millers.”   There’s always the possibility that Millers could again fail to gain momentum, but if New Line gets it going, the results could be interesting.

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