Werner Herzog Exclusive Interview BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS

     November 17, 2009

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When I first heard director Werner Herzog and Nicolas Cage were going to make a remake/re-imagining /reboot of Abel Ferrara’s insane 1992 film Bad Lieutenant, I’ll admit I wasn’t excited.  For some reason I thought they’d fuck it up or the movie would be another Nicolas Cage performance where he was just going through the motions

I couldn’t have been more wrong.   The fact is, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is a great movie featuring one of Nicolas Cage’s best performances.  He’s absolutely fearless; it’s like he stepped back in time to when he was an up-and-coming actor with nothing to lose.  If you want to see a great performance, you need not go any further Nicolas Cage’s latest role.

So when I sat down to talk with director Werner Herzog, we discussed how he got involved, working with Cage, how he shot a lot of the movie using just a few takes, what he has coming up, and with this being Werner Herzog, he said some quotes that must be heard.  It’s a great interview with a filmmaker I truly admire.  Watch it after the jump:

Werner Herzog

  • I tell him how much I loved the movie and ask when did he come up with the movie.  Talks about how fast this project came together.
  • I tell him thank you for bringing the great Nic Cage back and we talk about his performance
  • Talks about how most of the movie was done on just a few takes.  Also how he didn’t shoot a lot of coverage.
  • Did he delete a lot of footage and does he like extended cuts on DVD
  • What did it mean to have 2 films in Toronto.  He says it meant more to have 2 films in Venice
  • What’s up with My Son, My Son, What Have You Done
  • 8:15 – What is he going to do next.  Gives a great answer
  • Says he has 5 or 6 feature film projects and 2 or 3 documentary projects he wants to do
  • Does he want to do doc than feature and back again. How does he pick
  • What does he think of digital filmmaking and 3D
  • I try and find out what he is going to do next and he says he is about to leave for Jordan to see if a film he is planning is doable but doesn’t want to talk specifics until he knows if it is

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