Wes Anderson Addresses Sci-Fi Movie Rumors and His Next Project

     November 4, 2009


A few hours ago I participated in a roundtable interview with writer/director Wes Anderson for his new movie “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  Before I go any further, if you’re a fan of Anderson’s work, you are going to LOVE this film.  While I didn’t know what to expect walking in to see it last night, the film was awesome and a real surprise!

Anyway, a few days ago a story started circling the internet that Wes Anderson wanted to do a sci-fi movie and he wanted to film part of it in space and maybe on the moon.  Many sites picked up the story even though it sounded like he was joking.  Since so many are talking about it online, I decided to ask him to address the rumors.  The quick answer is, he thought everyone would realize he was joking around.  The other thing I asked him was about his next project and if he’s decided on what he’s going to do. He told me “I’m writing something but it’s so early I don’t think I could accurately describe it.” For more on what he said about doing a sci-fi movie and his next project, hit the jump:

the_darjeeling_limited_movie_image_wes_anderson.jpgHere’s Wes Anderson addressing the sci-fi movie rumors.  Further down he talks about his next project and the music that might be used.  If you’re ever watched a Wes Anderson movie, you know music plays a big part.

Question: In one of your interviews recently you said you might want to do a sci-fi film.  It’s all over the internet so I’m going to ask you, is there any truth to you doing a sci-fi film?

Wes Anderson: I think that was a joke that I made outside the premiere the other night.  I wasn’t aware that anyone thought I really meant it.  I said I wanted to shoot on location in space.

People are talking.

Anderson: Well, after I said it I thought that might be nice. (everyone laughs) I don’t know, I’m not sure…that’s kind of a James Cameron type move.

Well, is the sci-fi world something that you are interested in?  Because you clearly have a very distinct style and it would be interesting to see your style in a sci-fi film or another kind of genre.

Anderson: I would like to do a movie in space but I think it would be difficult to do it on location.  Someone’s going to do that before too long I suppose. The thing is, to do it right now you probably have to submit the script to NASA. You’d be dealing with…you’d get notes from government officials.

Michael Bay already gets that.

Anderson: Does he? Really?

When he does Transformers.

Anderson: You mean if he wants to use these jets he has to…he has to make it clear that it’s pilot error and not the machinery. (everyone laughs)

So you wouldn’t settle for a visual effects based movie?

The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster.jpgAnderson: Well, I probably would have to at a certain point.

So what kind of story are you thinking?

Anderson: I’m not at liberty to discuss that now!


Have you announced what your next project is going to be yet?

Anderson: No.

Do you know what it’s going to be?

Anderson: I’m writing something but it’s so early I don’t think I could accurately describe it.

Is it about a father and son?

Anderson: No really.


Do you already have a song for the next movie?  Do you already have something picked out?

Anderson: That one…it’s not exactly songs. I’ll just leave it at that.

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