Wes Anderson Gets Animated to Accept National Board of Review Award

     January 13, 2010


Just how happy was Wes Anderson to receive a Special Filmmaking Achievement award from the National Board of Review for Fantastic Mr. Fox? Enough that he showed up to accept the award in stop-motion form and in character, and we’ve got the video to prove it.

Though Anderson’s movie wasn’t among the board’s Top 10 for 2009 – well actually 11, since the “best film,” Up in the Air, gets its own category – the Special Achievement Award is nothing to sneeze at, and in my opinion it’s well deserved. With, of course, the help of many skilled animators, Anderson brought the eye for intricately crafted sets that made The Royal Tenenbaums such a joy to watch into the animated world, and with the help of Noah Baumbach transformed Roald Dahl’s classic tale into a witty little film for kids and adults alike.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster.jpg

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