Watch: New Wes Anderson Short Finds Adrien Brody’s Train Conductor Saving Christmas

     November 28, 2016


It’s been two years since Wes Anderson put out The Grand Budapest Hotel, the latest in a long line of colorful, courageous masterpieces that began with the wise, wonderful Rushmore or, for some, his promising debut, Bottle Rocket. And even though we got an around-the-way confirmation that he is in production on his stop-motion animated follow-up to The Grand Budapest Hotel, the impatience to see the next work by Anderson is hard to fend off for too much time. It certainly doesn’t help that Anderson’s last foré into stop-motion animation was Fantastic Mr. Fox, his best film to date and easily one of the highest peaks of American cinema in the aughts.


Image via H&M

So, when this morning brought the release of a new short from Wes Anderson, entitled Come Together, you’d think that this would work as a kind of respite from that same impatience. To a degree, it is, even if it is an advertisement for H&M. Like much of Anderson’s past work as a commercial director – most notably with American Express – the short is completely an Anderson work, strewn with nods to the clothing and styles one can find in H&M but mostly just a really lovely short about a train that’s going to arrive late for Christmas. Come Together has all the hallmarks of an Anderson joint, from expertly timed pans to the appearance of Adrien Brody as the train’s conductor.

Still, this hardly makes it easier to wait another year or two for Anderson to return to the big screen, especially following one of the most dismal movie-going years in recent memory. Even so, it’s encouraging to see a major director not just take a commercial as a quick way to make money but rather use the project as a stylistic exercise, one that also ends up being a quite joyful experience on the whole.

Here’s the short film/advertisement:

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