Wes Anderson Says His Next Film Might Be Stop-Motion

     November 10, 2014


Filmmaker Wes Anderson has solidified himself as a director with a very distinct style, which is not something that many directors can say.  He continues to evolve for sure, but as evidenced by Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, he’s essentially perfected his style to a T.  But for his next feature, Anderson might be keen on pushing himself a bit further, as he’s mulling over the possibility of returning to the world of stop-motion animation.  If there was ever a director whose style was perfectly attuned to the stop-motion animation aesthetic, it’s Anderson.  His 2009 stop-motion film Fantastic Mr. Fox is an absolute delight, and doesn’t stand out as an oddity in his filmography; it feels perfectly in step with his oeuvre, and even ranks towards the very top in terms of quality.

Hit the jump for more, including the potential vignette nature of Anderson’s next film.

While speaking at the Lisbon And Estoril Film Festival (via The Playlist), Anderson revealed that he may return to stop-motion for his next picture.  He also added that the story would be divided into episodes, not unlike Vittorio De Sica’s The Gold of Naples, which tells six different vignettes whose only connection is the fact that they all take place in Naples.  Anderson has toyed with vignette style in previous films, but it would certainly be curious to see him employ the technique in full for an entire feature film.

Anderson didn’t provide any further details and he famously keeps his plots under wraps through production, but the prospect of seeing Anderson return to stop-motion—especially given the advances in the technology since Fantastic Mr. Fox—is incredibly promising.  The filmmaker has hit an excellent stride as of late, so I’m excited to see how he progresses as his career moves forward.



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