New ‘Westworld’ Trailer Teases What’s to Come in the Rest of Season 1

     October 3, 2016


After what felt like an interminable wait, only made longer by a delayed production schedule, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and J.J. Abrams finally debuted their hotly anticipated epic-scale sci-fi series Westworld last night. And hoo boy, does it live up to expectations. Westworld’s premiere teases a wide-ranging exploration of morality, human nature, and the boundaries of consciousness, but the premiere episode itself is appropriately focused on on the foundation of that exploration, world-building and introductions, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of the Western-tinged sci-fi world we just rode into.

And to prove it, HBO has just released a new trailer teasing what’s to come in the rest of Season 1, including further glimpses of the fancy, high-tech futuristic society outside the Westworld park, more merciless and murderous violence from The Man in Black, and the tease of a deeper game hidden within Westworld. Intriguing, non? Watch the new trailer below.

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