‘Westworld’ Cast Answers (Some of) Your Burning Season 2 Questions at SDCC

     July 22, 2017

What the hell is happening on Westworld? There are so many different mysteries, it’s honestly hard to keep track of them all. Why are all the robots suddenly becoming conscious? What’s that voice they’re hearing in their heads? What’s Westworld founder Robert Ford up to? Who’s Arnold? Who’s The Man in Black? What year is it? Who’s a robot? Is there even a difference between robot and man anyway? SO MANY DAMN MYSTERIES! Yet Westworld, over the course of its first season, actually answered every single one of these questions – a particularly rare feat in the age of “We’ll explain what’s happening in the next season. Jinx, I meant the season after the next one. Just kidding – I don’t have any answers.”

So having solved most of its mysteries (the show still hasn’t revealed what’s outside the park), where can Westworld go next? Will season two embrace its Crichton-film roots and just become a bloodbath between man & machine? Will Anthony Hopkins come back? Does Ed Harris survive that season ending gunshot? Will the show still be broken up into different time periods? Will any of the new characters be robots in disguise (I’m looking at you, Jonathan Tucker)? SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS!


Image via HBO

So, I guess, I’m right back where I started – What the hell is happening on Westworld?

At the Comic Panel for Westworld, creators Jonathan Nolan & Lisa Joy, alongside the cast (Ben BarnesIngrid Bolsø BerdalEd HarrisLuke HemsworthJames MarsdenThandie NewtonSimon QuartermanRodrigo SantoroAngela SarafyanJimmi SimpsonTessa ThompsonEvan Rachel WoodShannon Woodward, and Jeffrey Wright) discussed the mysteries of season one and previewed what’s to come in season two. Bullet point highlights are below.